Prince: Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted on 24 April 2016

As you all know Prince was taken from us this week at the age of 57.

There is no way to quantify the influence that Prince had on the pop, fashion and art culture.He was a man who was willing to push boundaries through his art and adopted musical persona. He defied genre and gender lines. So defiant and inspirational, Prince has contemporary artist such as Frank Ocean and how he expressed and defined his sexuality.


As one of the more eclectic artists in history the legend of Prince is filled with epic moments. From beating Charlie Murphy and his friends in a game of basketball, kicking Kim Kardashian off stage when she acted to stuck up to dance, to performing at the MTV Awards with his ass out. He was an artist in the truest sense. Prince was a private man who spoke to us mainly through his music. For many, Prince was a combination of other great artists, as he drew comparisons to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown and Michael Jackson.
Legends never die, they become Unfaded. And to honor Prince we’ve highlighted some of his best performances and videos below.


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