Q&A With Creepoid's Anna Troxell

Posted on 04 December 2015

The Philadelphia based band Creepoid has often been called a 90s throwback, but they've developed a unique and mesmerizing sound that's all their own, thanks in part to their bassist Anna Troxell. Anna is not only fearless on stage, she's also managed to translate her quirky and cool style into a collection of vintage clothes that blend 60s mod styles with 90s grunge for a rocker-chic look.
In an interview with Unfaded Era, Anna shared some of her favorite experiences from touring with Creepoid (the talented quartet includes her husband Patrick Troxell, and they've been everywhere from Philly's Made in America festival to London) as well as her secrets to her amazing vintage wardrobe.

What has been your favorite part of touring with Creepoid this year?

I think my favorite part was going to the UK. We were there for about two weeks and played all over the island. Highlights were the sold out show in London, and the wild  3:30 am set in Manchester. We had an awesome tour manager (holla at you Greg!) who put up with our craziness and found us good food and coffee every day. 

Musically who is your biggest inspiration?

That's hard to nail down, but I think I'm most inspired by bands that make music that's intensely moving, while not being sentimental (The Shipping News, Joy Division, Unwound...to name a few).

Who are your favorite bands/artists from the 90s

Oh, all the usual suspects, Nirvana, Mazzy Star, Beck, The Silver Jews, Weezer. My Dad had all those records and I got to raid his collection!

How would you describe your personal style?

Weirdo. Haha. No, I tend to mix it up between vintage 60s and 90s. Sometimes I like the polish of a mod look and other times all I want to wear is a XL tee as a dress. I keep it interesting.

How did you get into vintage clothing?

 I just love the thrill of thrifting and finding unique pieces. I think I first just really wanted to stand out, and vintage clothes allowed for that.

What's your favorite piece of vintage clothing that you’ve found so far?

Oh man, another hard one. Well I found a stunning 90s vintage Cache dress last year that fits me like a glove. Haven't had an event fabulous enough to wear it to yet though! Tragic.

How do you update your vintage pieces for a modern wardrobe?

I definitely want to keep my look fresh so it's all about mixing it up. I would never wear a 60s mod dress with shoes/purse/jewelry from that same era. I think accessories are an awesome way of making your look modern.

What clothing item could you not live without?

 I couldn't live without my white Doc Martens. They look good with everything, they are fun to stomp in on stage while performing, and they are so comfortable. I was lucky enough to be given them at a festival in Brighton. Thanks Docs!!

Which U.S. cities did you enjoy visiting the most on the tour?

I love going to Austin, TX. It's such a great city for live music and we have a lot of friends there. We always hit up The Yellow Jacket Social Club, basically my favorite bar in the country. We have a wild time, and usually are hungover and tired the next night in Dallas! I also love Savannah GA and Harrisonburg VA,  Creepoid's homes away from home. We have amazing fans in those cities that make every show a blast.


When you’re not touring, what do you like to do for fun?

 I love to cook, so that's a real treat when we are home. I like to hang with my husband and our doggie, who we miss so much on tour. After like a week home though, I actally miss live music so my husband and I try to go out and see music as much as we can. Philly is such a great city for that right now.

What motto or advice do you live by?

 I try to be fearless. My husband has taught me that fear is really the only thing that can hold you back. I've got a lot to do and I can't let my doubts get in the way!

What can we look forward to seeing from Creepoid in 2016?

Creepoid is writing and recording our next full length, and I'm so excited for our new material. Come Spring we will be back at hitting the road. On tour forever, RIP

Will you be coming back to DC for your next tour?

  Of course! We love DC and will be back soon.


Follow Anna @creamsicklevintage and check out their latest album Cemetery Highrise Slum on Itunes.

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