How to Use 80s and 90s Style to Stand Out & Look Stylish in Winter

Posted on 11 December 2015

The 80s and 90s have been dominating the style factor this autumn with the A-line skirts, bell sleeves, chunky sweaters and fun accent colors. With winter here it's time to bring out all of your fun and crazy layers and sweaters. There's no better sweater wearing time than DC in December.
The inevitable cold is coming, and sort of here already, so how can we incorporate two of the best decades into our everyday looks? Well it's very easy.

For those who are not completely comfortable with the 80s and 90s style you can always stick to something that is more subtle like a comfy knit sweater, that will keep you nice and warm, then add a pencil skirt which will show off your figure. This is an easy, everyday outfit that has both a vintage and modern feel to it.
My favorite way to pay homage to two great decades is wearing my favorite beanie, huge black scarf accenting the perfect sweater, and my always-comfy Doc Martins. These are three things that anyone can find, and should have in their closet.
Now beanies may have gotten a bad rep, but they are actually very stylish and come in just about any color that you would want.

When it comes to the scarves the 80s and 90s were all about go big or go home, and that holds true for neck warmers. The bigger and softer your scarf is the better. What is also great about this accessory is that you can purchase one with a fun pattern like plaid, floral, or any abstract pattern, and it could easily accent and complete any outfit.

Doc Martins have been around forever because they are beyond durable and very comfy. Where the 80s and 90s can come into play is paring your doc’s with some crazy fun patterned socks that you can see out of the top of the boots. This is an easy and sneaky way to throw in some fun and funky style into any outfit that you wear, and in the end it is all really just about balance. The 80s and 90s were all about the crazy, fun, and loud fashion, which anyone can replicate. But what is even better is taking a statement piece like a hat or scarf and making that the focus of your outfit so both you and your clothes stand out.
Unfaded Era Team

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