Coogi: A Brief History

Posted on 15 January 2016

The Unfaded Era team has a love for Coogi. This iconic knitwear brand represents the influence hip hop (and music in general) had on fashion in the 90s. The colorful kaleidoscope prints on a Coogi sweater express everything that was fun and aspirational about hip hop culture during that time period.  

The Coogi brand was founded in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia. It was originally called "Cuggi", but the label was changed to Coogi in 1987. 

People like the now infamous Bill Cosby popularized what we refer to today as the "crazy 80s sweater" a boldly printed and often colorful sweater, but it was hip hop stars like the Notorious B.I.G who put Coogi's version of this style on the map in the 90s. Biggie wore Coogi sweaters in promotional images and rapped about the label in lines like "livin better now, Coogi sweater now."

Today rappers and fashion insiders still love to pay homage to this brand. And Coogi is still creating colorful knits, with recent collections that have been inspired by vintage styles. Take a look at two of our favorite new vintage Coogi pieces coming to the site soon, worn by our models Rachel and Brendon:


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