Back to the 80s

Posted on 19 February 2016




Looking at the designs coming out of New York fashion week earlier this month 80s fashion is definitely poised for a comeback. For instance, multi-finger rings are not a new thing. From LL Cool J to Big Daddy Kane back then to 2 Chainz and Rihanna today, you’ll find many celebs past and present incorporating multi finger rings into their style.



One of my all time favorite things that has made a huge comeback are fanny packs. I remember when a few years ago fanny packs were seen as the tackiest accessory out there, and the only people who used them were middle-aged moms and dads. Now you see fanny packs everywhere especially at trendy music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo.


Not to be forgotten is the Skinhead style which has been making a huge comeback; from bomber jackets and suspenders to flannels. If you checked out a house party at any college in DC you will definitely find several people sporting this style.


There is also the classic combed-back 80s hair that has every millennial going crazy. This is not the slicked back hair style but the classic combed-back which you will see on any YouTube style icon and on pretty much every Hipster that is not sporting a man bun.


Looking at the more comfortable spectrum of fashion, which is probably my favorite area, you have to talk about parachute pants. These pants are not new to the world and have been around since the 80s. They are most recognized as the drop-crotch pants that everyone loves and hates. The love comes from the comfort and fun colors and patterns that these pants usually come in. The hate comes from how ridiculous they look on most people. However, if you can pull them off you go ahead and rock it.


We can’t talk about styles that are thriving today without talking about high wasted pants. Society went through a phase during the early 21st century where low-rise jeans were all the rage. Fast forward to 2015/2016 and now everyone is on the high waisted train. This is another trend that was definitely not created by the 21st century style icons, instead we can thank all the 80s generation who started this trend 30 years ago.


Lastly we can’t forget the brand that has been a staple of the 80s and even up until now - Ray-Bans. These babies are the perfect example of a classic staple that became popular in the 80s and will probably never die out. Showing again that nothing is really new in today’s society, it really is just a never-ending cycle that borrows from our past and revitalizes what was already created. So if you are in need of some inspiration don’t shy away from looking back to the 80s where a lot of trends started. You’ll be sure to find some inspiration for your closet.

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